Wild n Fine

Producers and Importers of Fine Handmade Crafts and Décor.

Wood, metal, glass, bamboo and more, handcrafted on Java & Bali to create spectacular additions to your living space.

Wild n Fine Categories

From wall art crafted from recycled pine shipping pallets to hand-blown glass vivariums on coffee wood to life-sized stallions sculpted from reclaimed teak roots, we've got a handcrafted product that's perfect for your home or as a gift.

Rustic Teak Bowls and Plates

Handcarved from tree roots--all one of a kind.

Teak Cutting and Serving Boards

Our cutting and serving boards are crafted from reclaimed teak.

Teak Root Sculptures and Occasional Furniture

Our horse sculptures are handcrafted from roots of felled Javanese Teak trees.

Painted Wooden Signs and Oil Paintings

Our Vintage Painted Wooden Signs are hand-painted on recycled, naturally aged solid wood boards.

Wine Racks and Teak Kitchen Accessories

All made from recycled teak to bring rustic flair to your kitchen or dining room.

Handwoven Bali Baskets

A variety of colors in sets of three, these Bali Baskets will widen your storage options.

Illusory Wall Art from Recycled Pine

Hand cut, painted, finished and assembled from weathered, re-purposed pine pallets.

Painted and Recycled Oil Drum Covers

The rugged beauty of aged steel is married to the elegant geometry of the circle in this recycled wall decor.


Cut from old, discarded Java coffee trees and hand-blown, 100% recycled glass.

Carved Wood and Recycled-Magazine Wall Art

Wood, metal and recycled magazines crafted to brighten your interior décor.

Coconut Wind Chimes and Decorative Items

Coconut wood carved into bird-themed wind chimes, fish decor and other fun stuff.

Weathered Driftwood Sculptures and Mirrors

From the Java Sea into the hands of our expert carvers, driftwood becomes whimsical fish or a rugged mirror.